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I created website with an intention to provide authentic and genuine information on Astrology and its allied sciences. This website is aimed at becoming a vast repository of information on Astrology, Palmistry, Spiritualism and other such occult subjects. This site however is not a religious site and does not promote any religion.Since my childhood days, I have a lot of doubts on the basic issues like ‘who am I and what is the link between me and this  Universe’.

I was searching for the answers for years together.In the quest for truth, I met a Guru in 2001 whose grace enlightened me.I was a bit skeptic in the beginning as I came from Technical background. But, without peeping into our ancient scriptures, how can one claim that they are rubbish? So, I did a diplomas in Astrology, Practicing Astrology and started diving into the great ocean of knowledge. I read Puraanams, Bhagavathgeetha, along with many scriptures and commentaries written by sages like Sankaraacharya, Vasista, Agastya, Brighu, etc.In my youth, I used to spend daily morning in mantra recitation, puja (worship) and meditation.

On festival days, I used to spend a whole day or whole night in doing such practices, sometimes joined by my friends who had same spiritual interests. This started in 1990 and continued for many years. Even though I never involved into tantric practices, my studies gave me a deep insight into the inner meanings of mantras, yantras. Based on my experience, I can share a word with you “While puja helps you to develop bhakti (devotion) towards God, the next stage is mantra which helps you destroy the effects of bad karmas (actions) of your past lives. Unless you do this, you cannot go to the final stage that is called yoga.

My humble experiences are now shared with you not with an intention to boast of myself, but with an intention to boost confidence in the people who are ascending the spiritual ladder. Please note that I am not a Guru, I am just an ordinary man with an increased awareness of God. I feel always the incessant presence of God around me.Now, I am working systematically on Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology. People who consult Astrologers generally ask about petty things like when they would get a job or when they were going to become rich or when they would come out of ill health or when they were going to get a lottery.

Such mundane things are not important in Astrology, even though Astrology answers such questions. What is important is to know about your self, your mission in this birth and about your soul elevation. Whether you believe in Astrology or not – doesn’t matter at all, but believe strongly that you were born with an inbuilt alter of God and always try to live in God. Never deviate from the path of Dharma (virtuous life). Finally, you will realize that you are none other than Guru  &  God.

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