Mahurat is a specific point of time, which is most auspicious to start a particular occasion or a new activity. Muhurta is calculated by keeping a lots of thing in consideration nature of activity, horoscope of the person, lunar day, planetary position and Nakshatra. It states the time during which the activity need to be performed.All the cosmic power exerts their effect on all of us. You may not be aware which one is good or bad for you. Astrologer predicts the most favourable time when you can start a new activity so that your activity get done smoothly and without hurdles.There are various type of important event/activities for which you need to know auspicious Day and Time. Followings are some of them: wedding or marriage sale/purchase and construction of new property shifting to new home Going to take medicine / surgical operation learning a new skill / education application of visa to foreign travel & travel starting a new business, changing jobs and start on a new job filing claims, filing a legal case purchase of a machine / vehicle partnership alliances financial investments

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