Your Saadesathi Report

Sadesati of Saturn(SANI) is genrally considered as a very dangerous period in every once life. But Sadesati is not always bad period. This is because of lack of knowledge about it. You only need to be cautious of transit of Sadesati because it may have bad effects as well. So get your horoscope checked with expert astrologer and he will provide information about it's effects on you and remedial measures if it is required.Actually sadesati means a transit of Saturn on your natal moon in your horoscope. Moon denotes the ‘Mann’ the feelings of native and when the Saturn has a malefic planet transit on your natal moon you may feel just bad experience. But an astrologer who is guiding you about the Sadesati must understand the effects of sadesati and of course he also must know the points of sarvashtak varga in the transiting house where Saturn going to transit. It is the period of seven and a half year.

So don’t be afraid of sadesati and if you can calculate your self your sadesati than its good.But if you don’t than you can ask to our Vedic astrologers that if the coming sadesati brings bad or good luck for you, and of course when its is going to be start in your horoscope.

Our astrologers will prepare report on the basis of following factors:

  • The effects on education, career, health, business
  • The nature and magitude of effects on love, marriage and life
  • The precautionary measures and remedies.
  • Effects of Present Transit of Saturn
  • Yantra recommendations
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies
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