PEARL (Muthyam)

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The pearl is said to improve self-worth and help people see themselves. It is an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity that symbolizes love, success and happiness. The gemstone also is associated with ministry, bringing wisdom throughexperience. Pearls are purported to help to attune the chakras; the gentle colors bring soft, healing energy to meditation. By helping people master the heart chakra, they are reported to aid stomach, spleen, intestinal tract and ulcer problems. In addition to their metaphysical properties, pearls are believed to eliminate emotional imbalances. They also enjoy a long and varied list of "uses." These include cures for eye ailments, heart trouble, fever, bleeding,poisoning and indigestion.

Pearls' high calcium content has prompted many to drink pearl-water tonics to increase vitality, relieve eyestrain or soothe burning urination. Pearls are found in Japan, China, Tahiti, Ceylon, Scotland, Norway, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines. It acts as an antenna towards orange cosmic rays. It is a cold gem which is ruled by the Moon. It is helpful for persons who suffer from eye troubles, tuberculosis, hysteria, constipation, and cardiac trouble. For the enhancement of mental peace and recollection of memory, pearl is a suitable gem to utilize. It increases the emotional activity of human being. It succeeds in engaging love, attracts affection and promises a conjugal bliss.

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