REDCORAL (Pagadam)

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Ten Days
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Coral was also thought to preserve against lightening and terrible tornadoes. Its power supposedly increased when exposed to the full moon.According to ancient lore, Perseus placed the severed head of Medusa in its bag on a heap of seaweed. The head's power passed into the seaweed, which turned as rigid and as shriveled as stone. The Sea Nymphs were delighted.

They took armfuls of it back under the sea with them and brought fresh seaweed up to be turned to stone by the head of Medusa. Hence, we have coral.The Romans believed coral to be a potent charm, and hung branches of coral around the necks of their children to preserve them from harm. They also pulverized it and mixed it with wine, as a cure-all tonic to be imbibed after their infamous debauches.During the Medieval period coral was used as a cure for sterility and as charm against the evil eye.

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