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Navagraha Mantra FREE SERVICE Rs. 000

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Sri Sankataharana Hanuman Sthotram Rs. Free

Baala samai ravi bhaksha liyo, Taba teenahu loka bhayo andhiyaaro

Sri Subrahmanya Bhujanga stothram Rs. Free

Hey Swaaminaatha Karunaakara Deena Bandho
Sree Paarvateesha Mukha Pankaja Padma Bandho...

Parameshwara Stothram Rs. FREE

Here is a prayer to the God ultimate. In some stanza it addresses Lord Shiva and in another Lord...

Sri Garbharakshambika sloka for Marriage & Progeny Rs. Free


Please Chant The Mantra 108 Times Daily. Goddess Will Surely Bless you With...

Sri Sankataharana Ganapthi Sthotram Rs. Free

Om Pranamya Sirasa devam  Gauri Puthram Vinayakam
Bhaktavasam Smarennithyam ...

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