All living beings on earth are nourished by Sunlight. The light we receive from our Sun is the ultimate source of Energy for us all. SUNLIGHT is composed of SEVEN colours - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red ( VIBGYOR ) and each one of the Seven planets is responsible for bringing the rays of one colour from the Sun to the earth.Cosmic energy from the Sun therefore reaches us through the medium of the Planets.These cosmic rays which come down as rays of a particular colour, enter our body and act on the seven chakras or energy-centres that lie along our Spine.

Here they perform several functions that result in the body's maintenance, growth, health and metabolism by influencing and regulating the Endocrine System of an individual.The Endocrine System produces Hormones, which in turn act on all the organs of our body and so it is the endocrine system that is in ultimate control of life and all the functions of a living Being.So you can see how closely the Planets are related to our Bodies (and to our minds).It is hardly surprising, therefore, that we can tap the potential of astrological remedies to solve our problems of health and wellbeing, so that we live a life in complete harmony with the Universe. So Please enter your Birth Details to get appropriate remedies.

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